Facial Toner™ vs. Dermal Tone

The Derma Tone is a battery-optional, hand-held device intended to firm and tone the muscles of the face. This product says that it is an electronic device, which sends out tiny amounts of electricity to designated areas of the face, exercising the face for you. Derma Tone was originally sold over the counter through mail order via infomercial venues and their website site which has been closed down. This product’s website claimed that it is good for medical conditions, shrinks sagging skin, reduces wrinkles, and stimulates blood supply. Because a device like this is required to obtain marketing clearance from the FDA and did not, the FDA has issued a warning letter about Dermal Tone.

To use this device, the user plugs the power cord into an electrical source or uses a 9V battery for power, applies a conductive gel to the face, turns the unit on, and places the electrodes against the skin in one of four areas of the face, and holds it in place for 10 seconds. The total treatment time may vary, but will take about 5 minutes on average.

The Dermal Tone device sold for $110 and came with a conductive gel, but they were forced to close shop in 2006 by the FDA because they failed to obtain proper marketing clearance for it’s safety and effectiveness.

 Facial TonerDermal Tone
How much does it cost?Facial Toner™ costs $299.99.$110
Is it safe?YES, it is very safe. Facial Toner™ carries the CE symbol and also conforms to the requirements of the Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC).Questionable
Is it FDA Cleared?YES,Facial Toner™ delivers FDA Cleared, medical-grade results you can count on.No
Is it manufactured by a trusted company? What kind of experience do they have?YES, with over 50 years of experience in the medical industry we are proud to bring you this truly revolutionary anti aging product. The Patented Design of Facial Toner™ along with its innovative Electronic Muscle Stimulation Technology, have been clinically proven to produce results.No
Does the manufacturer have their own website?YES, Click Here to Visit the Official Facial Toner™ WebsiteNo. They did at one time.
Has there been clinical studies done with the product?YES, A 12-week clinical trial with 97 participants between the ages of 35 and 55 showed measurable Improvement in Muscle Plumpness and Volume by Toning the Facial Muscles and Minimizing the Signs of Aging. * An average increase in muscle volume of 18.6% and some participants saw up to a 46% increase.No
Does it require office visits or surgery?NO --Facial Toner™ can be done in the comfort of your own home while you go about your day doing other things.No
Does it require injections?NO -- there are no painful injections. Facial Toner™ provides a long-term facelift that reduces wrinkles without any chemicals at all.No
Does it require certification for use?NO -- although this same treatment can be found in high-end Spas and Salons.No
Is the any pain associated with it?NO -- it feels like getting a face massage.No
Is there any recovery time associated with it?NO -- when you are done with a session you will simply notice that your face looks more radiant. No
Does it use any chemicals, gels, creams or lotions?NO -- you don't need to use any topicals in conjunction with Facial Toner™.Yes. It requires a conductive lotion.
Do you need to purchase extra maintenance parts with it?Facial Toner™ does need replacement Gel Pads, however it comes with a 12-week supply and an additional 12-week supply is only $29.99.Yes. It requires the replenishment of conductive gel.
Does it work on all my memitic facial muscles and not just those where the device makes contact with my face?Yes, Facial Toner™ works all the mimetic muscles, and is carefully designed to focus on the muscles of facial expression, which have a direct impact on reducing wrinkles and fine lines. No
Is it portable? How big is it?YES, is it very portable. It is about the size of a pair of headphones. It comes with a free travel pouch and weighs less than one pound.Yes. It fits in one hand.
Will my facial muscles work the same after I use it?YES, Facial Toner™ will simply exercise your face muscles to lift and plump them to restore the youthful shape of the face.Yes
Does it require work, focus and attention?No you don’t need to even think about it. Facial Toner™ exercises your muscles for you. You don't have to concentrate on your form or focus on it at all.Yes
When can I use it? Can it be used while doing other things?You can get a concentrated facial toning session while you are doing your make-up, at work, watching TV, surfing the net, folding laundry, cooking, talking on the phone, helping the kids with their homework… virtually anywhere and anytime.No. It requires the user to move it to different points of the face.
Does it have rechargeable batteries?YES. Facial Toner™ comes with a rechargeable power supply unit.No. It requires an electrical source.
Does it require additional applications for maintenance? If so what are the costs?The recommended protocol is to use Facial Toner™ 5 times a week for 12 weeks. Then you can do a maintenance program of 2 times a week to sustain your results long term.Yes
Does it have more than one setting?YES, Facial Toner™ has three different beauty programs. 'Lift' for the long-term anti-aging benefits. 'Radiance' for immediate results that make your face look more radiant instantly. 'Massage' for an immediate relaxing of the face.Yes
Is there a "Satisfaction Guarantee" period?For a full 60-Days any order can be returned for a full refund.No
What is the Product Warranty?If there is any problem with yourFacial Toner™ it can be exchanged for a new unit for a full Two Years from your original purchase date.No
Does it ship internationally?YES, Facial Toner™ is currently shipped to over 100 countries. Check our order page for a list of all the countries we ship to.Through independent retailers
Do they have toll free ordering and customer serivce?YES: (855) 353-9432. Our friendly customer service staff is available to help you between 8am – 5pm PST.No
What is the standard delivery time for domestic orders?1 week or less.Depends on shipping method from retailer.